The GRUBie Story

Two work colleagues (now friends & business partners) were struggling to maintain their gym routine and diet plans effectively, whilst travelling away from home on business trips.

Most hotels do provide a gym so that’s one issue sorted… now for the food. They tried to be picky with the takeaway options but quite frankly, they were bored of the same, generic takeaways and restaurant deliveries available.

Everyone knows nothing hits the spot more than home cooked food, lovingly made with the freshest ingredients. But, away from home it is impossible to have that comfort.

Hence, GRUBie was born – a platform for people to buy Home Cooked food… and that’s it!

Our goal is to provide people with the options of ordering healthier, authentic and flavoursome home cooked meals without the restaurant prices. The UK is a melting pot of numerous cultures and backgrounds and that doesn’t stop when it comes to our incredible cooks. Although, they are based around the UK the variety of dishes and flavours will be from around the WORLD!

Remember the last time you were on holiday and tasted that authentic, traditional meal? And no matter how many different Spanish tapas bars in the UK you may have tried… it just doesn’t taste the same? – Our other goal is to try and match that, as our cooks will be serving up amazing dishes made from traditional recipes that have been passed down for generations. (Just like mama used to make!.. Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves).

Our concept is new and even though it will be challenging to introduce this to an already saturated takeaway market we believe in our goal! Just like food is the way to anyone’s heart we keep that spirit at the heart of our mission – making home cooked food delivery easier.

Now that you have read our story and understand the purpose of what we are trying to do, we have faith that you will let at least ONE friend know about us and help us spread the message… that’s all, just one!

We hope you enjoy your GRUBie experience!

Our Mission Statement

“To make ordering homecooked food the norm.”

GRUBie is on a mission to transform the UK takeaway market. We want customers to experience the homely feeling of authentic & traditional food wherever they are. All our meals are prepared and cooked by passionate home cooks with generations of tasty recipes you would only experience at home. Our goal is for a healthier tomorrow. We hope to achieve this by providing an easy, quick and safe platform to order Home Cooked food which offers healthier options compared to most takeaways and restaurants.